Reputation Gold Standard 5 Stars




 Gold seal of approval

 Here at Computer Parts Inc our reputation 
&  that of our customers is very important


   Recent headlines regarding corporate internet and identity theft have brought home  the necessity of  setting up a secure environment for all serious internet businesses and their good customers.
Security must start  with company personnel. Computer Parts Inc (Colorado) a leader in internet security, has implemented a policy that all personnel will present credentials supplied by the corporation.
    To obtain CPI credentials, proof of the following is required. A recent FBI, state bureau back-ground check, in Colorado this would be  CBI and credit check. Passing a drug & illegal substance test, this will be random and on going, to remain in good standing.

Must present a valid current drivers license. Internationally, an Interpol report will be required. 
   Further, the board of directors of Computer Parts Inc (Colorado) have FBI and CBI back-ground checks and an on going commitment to meet any other security requirements that maybe necessary to complete any contract or obligation.

Wanda Brink, President CEO
Computer Parts Inc (Colorado)